more than transcripts... works of art.


If you need text transcription for a recording, and you want to ensure the best possible quality, commission a document from Transcribblers today!

The Process

You send us the recording over e-mail, cloud storage, or physical storage. (NYC pickup & delivery is available; S+H not included otherwise)

Next, we have a chat about your document requirements, like whether it needs to be fully verbatim, have timecodes or line numbers, or needs to be expedited.

Then we complete the transcripts and pass them along as they’re completed, or in predetermined batches, whichever works best for you.

(for more on the process, see the FAQs)

The Cost

The base cost for simple 1-to-2-person transcription is

$1.50 / min

Note: Per minute of audio. This rate is variable depending on the work. Difficult audio, additional details, voice tracking, and expedited turnaround may result in additional charges. Please email us with an audio sample or details about your recordings to receive an estimate.

(for more about our pricing, see the FAQs)

The Results

Upon completion, your transcripts will be delivered, and any questions or concerns about the formatting or other needs can be addressed to finalize the work.

Upon remittance of payment, a certification of the commission will be provided to the client to verify their place in The Catalog. (coming soon!)

(for more about our work, see the FAQs)